A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Rebel Turret is a first-person metroidvania developed by one person with Unity.

In the game, you are a rogue AI drone on a space ship who has just received an odd new software update. In order to uncover the mystery of what happened on the ship, you must explore every corner of your environment.

To aid your exploration, you'll gain new abilities over time, including:

  • Power to ride on light rails throughout the ship to cross difficult terrain.
  • Melee claw that steals health from your enemies and regenerates your own.
  • Cannon that disables every drone in its blast radius.
  • and more!

Since this is just a hobby project, the source code for the game is available on GitHub.

Install instructions

I recommend using the itch app to install the game: https://itch.io/app


Unzip the Rebel_Turret_<version>.zip file and run the exe.


Unzip the zip file and run the app.


Rebel_Turret_0_0_1.app.zip 170 MB
Rebel_Turret_0_0_1.zip 165 MB


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Three problems: 

A. low fps at anything above 640*480

B. claw lags too much to be useable on 'spider'. (could be due to Bad framerate-handling and thus be caused by A)

C. Backup/save does not include enemies killed (or they should not trigger when already selected/in use.)

Thanks for the feedback.

A. Is this on Mac or PC? Have you tried changing the graphics quality settings? I haven't tested much on different kinds of hardware, so any feedback you can provide is helpful.

B. It's possible this is due to frame rate, as you mentioned. The crosshairs turn red when you're within range to use the claw. Using it when the crosshairs are red should mean it's guaranteed to connect. This is definitely an area that could use more play testing.

C. The enemies are actually supposed to respawn after reloading the game or after leaving an area for a while and then returning. Similar to the classic Castlevania/Metroid games.

Thanks again for playing and providing feedback!

(1 edit)

A. Mac, (el capitan).
only the lower quality setting give semi-smooth frame-rate at 640x480.

B. I've had many moments where red crosshairs did not connect. (even if the response was immediate, the target could easily jump way before the connection could be made)

C. then it's understandable, but think (like the classics you mentioned) that the bosses should stay dead. (edit: I hadn't saved after one of the bosses (due to some post-boss-disorientation and mistook its return after dying for it respawning)